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Gina Soden is a widely recognised photographer/artist (come on, look at those images, they’re not just photos) from Berkshire, England.

Her striking and powerful works has been featured in top publications such as GQ, Pro Photo Mag and many more as well as won her plenty of competitions.

Gina also provides work for the prestigious Groucho Club in London where her images are placed in prime focus.

Most recently one of her photos taken at Battersea Power Station (third image) is now displayed in one of the showroom apartments at the station.

Gina is geared up to another solo exhibition and is hoping to organise an interview time for bloggers and website owners so my question to you guys is this;

Do you have any questions for Gina Soden?
I will attending the Q&A session to give you guys all the answers you’ve ever wanted so go check out her work and send your questions into me now via the ‘ASK’ button. Please state somewhere that it is for Gina and not me :)

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